Andy Biggs is an independent photographer based in Lancashire. His photography work focuses primarily on social and environmental issues, looking at changes in the landscape and the way in which we live our lives. As an active cyclist, sailor mountaineer and sea kayaker he has travelled extensively and much of his work is inspired by his experience of travelling through the landscape.

“How we live our lives and the use we make of the land are both continually changing. They are also inter-linked. The land's primary use had previously been for food production, while our jobs were in factories. Now tourism is the largest industry in the countryside and our jobs are found around service and heritage center's. The pride we had found in the art of production has now been lost in the need to answer the requests of others.”

During recent years he has been working on a project titled, An English River, which looks at the flow of the River Wyre and the lives of the people that live along its course. A selection of this work can be seen in the gallery section and is now available as a book direct from online publisher Blurb.

In August 2009 he returned to the former GDR nearly 20 years after his first visit to see how the lives of those he met then have changed. The result of this work can be seen in the "Travels around Europe" gallery, as well as on the BBC website. It is also available as a book direct from online publisher Blurb.

More recently he has been working on a project, Coastline, which looks to compare and contrast different locations around the UK, identifying how both nature and human activity influences its change. A new project is looking at the traditional seaside resort, using the title Wind Blown Memories.

He is well qualified and has obtained a B.Ed (Design), MA (Education) MA (Photography)